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2017  With the Rising Sun, Haylo Healing Arts, Charlotte, NC
2016  Birdsong 4th Quarter Show, Birdsong Brewing, Charlotte, NC
2016  Francisco Gonzalez and Scott Partridge, Free Range Brewing, Charlotte, NC
2015  Scott Partridge, Papercut Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2015  In Flight, Brick Row Gallery, Cornelius, NC
2012  21st Century Retrospective, Unexpected Finds, Charlotte, NC
2012  Solo Show, Studio K, Charlotte, NC
2012  Megafauna, Two-person show with Erich Moffitt, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Ornithology, Plaza Muse, Charlotte, NC
2011  Lost + Found, Espada / Custom, Charlotte, NC
2011  Red + Black, Queen City Diner, Charlotte, NC
2010  Window Series and Other Works, SouthEnd Home, Charlotte, NC
2010  Every One, Julia's, Charlotte, NC
2009  McColl Center Window Display, 6th Street, Charlotte, NC
2008  Solo Exhibition, Siskate Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2006  Jeva: Career Retrospective, Area 15, Charlotte, NC
2004  Brave New Works, Art Bar, Charlotte, NC
2017  Southend Verses, C3 Lab collaboration, Charlotte, NC
2017  ArtPop selection, Charlotte, NC
2017  And Why Not?, Gallery Twenty-Two, Charlotte, NC
2016  Genome Pop-Up #1, Art Hole Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2015  Collective Impressions, Delurk Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
2014  Frames, The Chop Shop, Charlotte, NC
2014  Can Culture, Sanctuary, Charlotte, NC
2014  BAM Art Showcase, Baku Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2014  Community Supported Art Program, Arts and Sciene Council program, Charlotte, NC
2014  Self Show Show, Delurk Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
2014  Convergence, Brick Row Gallery, Cornelius, NC
2014  Disappearing Frogs Project, Ongoing traveling exhibit
2013  Winter Show, Greenhill Center, Greensboro, NC
2013  Defacement, Culture Initiative 5rd Anniversary Show, Charlotte, NC
2013  Chapel Hill Juried Exhibition Series, Chapel Hill Town Hall, Chapel Hill, NC
2012  The Birds and the Blues, Two-person show with Erich Moffitt, Birdsong Brewing Co., Charlotte, NC
2012  Art of the Beer Label, Birdsong Brewing Co., Charlotte, NC
2012  Art Anonymous, Arts Council of Moore County, Southern Pines, NC
2012  Where It's At 4, Fashion Soul, Amos' Southend, Charlotte, NC
2012  The Has Beens, Studio K, Charlotte, NC
2012  The Gnome Show, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2012  MoNA, MoNA, Charlotte, NC
2012  Where It's At, Live Painting Event, Bass Church, NC Music Factory, Charlotte, NC
2012  Chinese Zodiac Show, Baku Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011 - 2012  Countdown, Twenty-Two Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Where It's At, Live Painting Event, AKA Creative, Charlotte, NC
2011  CI3, Culture Initiative 3rd Anniversary Show, AKA Creative, Charlotte, NC
2011  Facets, Twenty-Two Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Tiny Paradise, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Survival of the Fittest, Baku Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Old School, Studio K, Charlotte, NC
2011  Chicken, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Out of Context, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Let The Good Times Roll, Skate Deck Show, Twenty-Two Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  Art of the Auction, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
2011  Kulture Klash, Charleston, SC
2011  Contrast, Baku Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  b-sides, Espada/Custom, Charlotte, NC
2010  Urban Stratum, Area 15, Charlotte, NC
2010  Holiday Square Works Show, Providence Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2010  It's a Strange World show, Baku Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2010  Nodarioty Pimp My Pumpkin Project, Charlotte, NC
2010  Carolina's Got Art, Juried Exhibition, Atherton Mill, Charlotte, NC
2010  Featured Artist,
2010  Extraordinary and the Something Sideshow, Charlotte, NC
2010  Paper Girl, Art Distribution Project, Charlotte, NC
2009  Carolina's Got Art, Juried Exhibition, Atherton Mill, Charlotte, NC
2009  Choice Art Auction, Center of the Earth Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2009  Art In Hand Playing Card Promotion, Charlotte, NC
2009  Culture Initiative Exhibition, Loft 1523, Charlotte, NC
2008  Nodarioty Pimp My Gnome Project, Charlotte, NC
2006-08  Plaza Midwood Art Crawl, Charlotte, NC
2006-08  Subsidium Art Show, Renovatus Church, Charlotte, NC
2006-07  Area 15 Art Crawl, Charlotte, NC
2017  custom wall art and 3D art, Cowfish Restaurant , Birmingham, AL
2017  custom wall art mural art, Ramen Soul, Mooresville NC
2016  outdoor concrete pad mural, Anita Stroud Park, Charlotte, NC
2015 - 2016  custom wall art and branding, Cowfish Restaurant , Atlanta, GA
2014  artwork, graphics, branding, Tiki Hideaway, Charlotte, NC
2014  interior wall mural, with John Hairston and Matt Hooker, Boxman Studios, Charlotte, NC
2014  custom wall graphics, Birkdale DDS, Huntersville, NC
2013  custom artwork, Midwood Smokehouse, Charlotte, NC
2013  artwork, graphics, and branding, The Cowfish restaurant, Raleigh, NC
2013  two- and three- dimensional artwork, El Camino restaurant, Charlotte, NC
2012  artwork, graphics, 1900 Mexican Grill, Charlotte, NC
2011  custom bar mural, Sanctuary, Charlotte, NC
2010  artwork, graphics, and branding, The Cowfish restaurant, Charlotte, NC
2009  exterior wall mural, American Beauty Garden Center, Charlotte, NC
2008  exterior wall mural, Geospec Environments, Charlotte, NC
2008  exterior logo mural, Customshop restaurant, Charlotte, NC
2008  custom set design, My Epic band, Charlotte, NC
2007  custom wall mural, American Beauty Garden Center, Charlotte NC
2007  custom wall mural, Jordano's, Charlotte, NC
2007  custom floor mural, Zada Jane's restaurant, Charlotte, NC
2007  custom floor mural, Tuff Coat Flooring Inc., Huntersville, NC
2007  assistant - interior architectural design, Pineville Dinner Theater, Pineville, NC
2017  album cover - Tuğçe Kurtış ,Songs for My Grandmother
2017  logo design, Queen City Grounds, Charlotte, NC
2017  logo design, United Species
2017  logo design, Kybele Project
2017  logo design, Viajando y Pajareando, Colima, Mexico
2017  logo design, Crane Coffee, Charlotte, NC
2017  package artwork, The Underground Truffle, Charlotte NC
2016 - 2017  package artwork, Kinglet Tea and Dragonfly Chai, Portland OR
2016  logo design, To Better Waters, Charlotte, NC
2016  El Regreso del Gallito, Santi & Tuge, Album Cover, and related branding
2016  logo design, Meridian Mobile Veterinary Care
2015  logo design, Paperbark Horticultural Services
2014  A Guide to the Birdsong of South America, Vinyl Record packaging, related branding
2014  logo design, The Mandrake, Charlotte, NC
2014  logo design, Meowfix, Charlotte, NC
2014  logo and branding, Heart Center
2011  logo design, Zona Rosa, Charlotte, NC
2011  logo design, AFA Roofing, Charlotte, NC
2011  logo design, Ersa Elixir, Charlotte, NC
2011  logo design, MoNA, Charlotte, NC
2011  sticker design, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
2011  logo design, Plaza Muse, Charlotte, NC
2011  logo design, Melissa N. Sanchez, Esq. Sacramento, CA
2010  logo design, John R. Matthews, Charlotte, NC
2010  logo design,
2010  website design,
2010  website design,
2009  website design,
2008  website design,
2008  logo design, Fugitives from Fundamentalism, Charlotte, NC
2007  logo design, Form + Function, Charlotte, NC
2007  logo design, Browning Painting and Restoration, Charlotte, NC
2017  contributing artist, Charlotte Center for Literary Arts 4X4CLT Poster Series
2017  Illustration series and logo for Bird Genoscape Project
2017  Nature-themed nesting blocks for Crocodile Creek toy company
2016  How to Make Love Manifestation Deck, card set illustrations
2015  featured artist, Paramnesia Culture Zine
2015  contributing artist, The Contemporary Art of Nature - Mammals
2014  author and illustratorA is for Avocet
2013  featured ContributorFOUR magazine
2012  QC Exclusive, Sept / Oct, "Megafauna."
2012  illustrator, Little Cricket's Big Song
2011  contributing artist, 491 Magazine, Volume 3
2010  contributing artist, Charlotte Arts Catalyst's Monsters coloring book
2010  contributing artist, Black Sabboth, the Illustrated Lyrics
1998-01  editor, SPUG magazine
1994-95  contributor, Tangents magazine
1993  illustrator, The Twelve Days of Christmas - The Mystery and the Meaning
Midcoast Modern, Kansas City
Cascades Raptor Center, Eugene, OR
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Belmont, NC
Carolina Raptor Center, Huntersville, NC
Art-O-Mat, Winston-Salem, NC
Twenty-Two Gallery, Charlotte, NC
Birdsong Brewing, Charlotte, NC
FABO, Charlotte, NC
Ruby's Gift, Charlotte, NC
Nofo @ The Pig, Raleigh, NC
City Supply, Charlotte, NC
I like to view my work not so much as deliberate motivated action, but rather the natural consequence of my presence in the world.
My genre can be most closely compared to early 20th century surrealism, in that the landscapes and inhabitants of consciousness figure prominently as themes and also as guiding forces that shape my style. It is difficult to assess how successfully I have mined the subconscious, however, and so I don't make that pursuit the focal point of my activities.
Instead, my work is a means of establishing a personal vocabulary for experiences and feelings too particular, nuanced, or uncommon to have equivalent components in language. This personal glyphic milieu is made up of varied organic and biomorphic figures, entities, and worlds. The imagery may be vaguely associated with factual reality, but is more accurately classified as a visual representation of my reactions to reality, and my meta-reactions to those reactions.
My aesthetic instincts are directed by cues from nature, geometry, the personalities of shapes, as well as the precedents and insular logic a piece establishes for its self as it develops. I gravitate towards what I find beautiful, but also unsettling.